10 The Best Gas Grills for 2019

Despite being an avid fan of real smoky flavor of meat, I can also appreciate the convenience and versatility of the gas grill, which has been taking the first places in sales rankings by storm in recent years.

If you take a look at how charcoal grills have been evolving over the past few decades then you will actually come to a conclusion that it’s not that much compared to the development of gas grills.

Charcoal grills are simple and their construction has already been developed enough to make it hard to introduce anything innovative to them. Gas grills, on the other hand, still leave a lot of space for changes, which is why they keep surprising with something new and innovative once in a while.

You have to admit that when you look at an old gas grill model from more than 30 years back and compare it with the modern models, you can only come to one conclusion – it has changed a whole lot ( for better of course ).

A good gas grill these days combines speed, efficiency, functionality and most of all, great quality of workmanship, reliability and durability ( backed up with adequate warranty ).

Together with the development of this type of grills, a lot of manufacturers have shown up, which makes choosing a new gas grill these days a difficult task.

And that’s exactly why I have created a guide for you where you will discover the best gas grills available in 2019. On top of checking out my recommendations, I also suggest reading my tips for beginners located at the bottom of this post.

The Best Gas Grill for 2019: Contender Breakdown

Reviews of The Best Gas Grills

1. Weber Spirit II E-310

A great model that I recommend to everyone who is considering entering the world of gas grills. Definitely number one on my list, I still have its older version of Spirit I in my backyard, which is why when I was buying Weber Spirit II E-310 I was perfectly aware of what I could expect of it.

First and foremost, great quality of workmanship and durability for this kind of money. The truth is, if you’re a beginner then it’s the best model to start your journey with this type of grill confidently and without doubts. Forget buying much cheaper models as it will soon end in necessity to buy another grill.

It is better to invest a little bit more once and have a solid grill than to keep buying something that would soon break.

Spirit E-310 comes with everything necessary, thus living up to most people’s expectations. First and foremost, the universal size that will work out when cooking for two people as well as for a bigger group.  The main grilling area is 424 square inches + heated rack with 105 square inches ( it is also available in different sizes ).

The entire surface gets quickly heated up by three very strong and efficient burners. Their number allows to create different heat zones which makes it possible to even smoke meat if you have the right accessories ( smoker box ).

The Spirit II series also includes what has only been available in the much more expensive Genesis series so far, I’m talking about the GS4 grilling system.

I own this model and I am very satisfied with it, I use it a lot when I want to prepare something. Three strong burners at this kind of surface allow me to start cooking within few minutes which is why I perfectly understand the phenomenon of gas grills ( the good ones ).

I believe that this is a great choice for everyone who values quality, efficiency, speed, durability and functionality. If you’re still worried about your investment then let me remind you that Weber offers whole 10 years of warranty for this model.

2. Weber Genesis II E-335

This time it’s something for those more demanding who already have a lot of experience with a gas grill or simply expect something much better. The refurbished Genesis II series now offers much more than before, you have several different configurations to choose from but I picked the one I believed to be the best, which is Weber Genesis II E-335.

To me, it is a great return to the enclosed version with front door. It looks much better to me than the open cart version, although I do realize it also comes down to personal preference, which as they say is not disputable.

The refurbished version has finally introduced something a lot of us have been discussing for a long time, I’m talking about a side burner concealed under the lid. Until recently, plenty of people would complain that something like this is only available in many much cheaper competitive models, now we also have it in the Genesis II version.

On top of that, another very neat feature has been introduced by which I mean a sear station, which comes with a separately adjustable knob. Fans of sear marks on steaks or hamburgers are certainly going to love this feature.

Three even stronger burners than in Spirit II E-310 will easily handle heating up the entire surface of the grill quickly (  669 square inches of total cooking area ). It is possible to buy iGrill3 separately, which is an app that allows to connect to the thermometer so that you can control the cooking process on your phone’s or tablet’s screen.

When it comes to the quality of workmanship and durability, I have no doubts here whatsoever. Once again, Weber has proven itself capable and created a grill they can be proud of as it can really withstand a lot. Of course the new refurbished series is also covered with 10 years of manufacturer’s warranty.

Genesis II E-335 is a great choice for those more demanding and with a bigger budget. You want a multifunctional, solidly built, efficient and durable grill for years to come? Seek no more.

3. Char-Broil Performance 475

A typical option for those with a very limited budget and for beginners. It is definitely not a grill for those who are demanding and expect a lot. It’s a cheap and very easy gas grill that only comes with the essentials which are large cooking area and four decent burners.

Char-Broil Performance 475 is a choice for poorer people who also want to enjoy cooking on a grill. Such large area means that it won’t be a problem for you to prepare food even for a bigger group of people.

The only additional feature in this grill is a side burner hidden under the lid on the side shelf. I have to admit that it is quite a surprise to me, as this kind of features are usually only present in gas grills in a much higher price range.

Still, let me go back to what is most important, which is cooking in practice. All burners work as they should and to tell you the truth, I am very satisfied with their performance on such large area.

When it comes to efficiency, I have nothing to complain about in this model, the only problem to me is the quality. I have a lot of experience with grills and I can simply tell that it isn’t a model to last for years. Of course it is understandable to me when you take the price into account, it’s a grill made with those with a limited budget in mind.

Char-Broil proves that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on an efficient gas grill, although you have to be aware that it won’t be as durable as most of more expensive models. I know that some people would rather buy a cheap grill and simply replace it with a new one every few years – it’s up to you.

I also know that most beginners prefer to first spend a small amount on a new model so that they can see in practice whether this type of grill is right for them and alternatively buy something better then.

4. Weber Q2200 Portable / Small Patio

A compact gas grill designed not only with travelers in mind but also those who don’t have much space in their backyard. Together with the Q portable Cart ( a stand sold separately ), this grill can also easily serve as a stationary grill that you can easily hide away in the closet once you’re done cooking.

I do think, though, that most people mostly use it while away from home, like when camping, as that’s the kind of situations it is the best for.

Hidden under the lid are porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates which means, to put it simply, that they remembered about quality in this regard. The entire grilling area is 280 square inches which is a whole lot when it comes to portable grills and enough for few people as a stationary grill.

It was only equipped with one burner, but don’t let that fool you, it is strong enough to be able to easily achieve a high temperature very fast.

The grill’s body was made of cast aluminum, which makes it not only durable but also corrosion-resistant. The Q2200 model is covered with 5 years of manufacturer’s warranty which I think is great news at this kind of price.

I own plenty of full-size grills so I only used Q2200 when away from home and I was always very pleased with it both in terms of durability and efficiency.

I also have to objectively admit that if you don’t have much space in the backyard then this model will easily replace a full-size grill for you, with certain limitations ( like inability to create heat zones due to only having one burner ).

In conclusion, Q2200 is a versatile, durable and efficient gas grill that it’s good to have in your backyard.

5. Weber Summit S470- Highend Pick

You’re looking for a gas grill that is not only high-quality but also full of different kinds of interesting features? For this kind of people, the Summit series from Weber was created, which is characterized by having a lot of gadget solutions and different types of burners.

Look, the total cooking area is 580 square inches ( 468 + 112 heated rack ), and there are as many as 4 burners dedicated to heating it. Besides them, in this grill you will also find as many as 4 additional burners, each of which is responsible for something different.

At the first glance, the side burner can be seen which is located under the lid on the side shelf. Then, once you open the lid, you can instantly see the big infrared rear mounted rotisserie burner that can be used for smoking things like a chicken or turkey. On one side of the grill you will also find a smoker burner complete with a smoker box that you can use to produce smoke ( that way you can smoke meat on a gas grill ).

The last additional burner is the sear station that concentrates a lot of power in a single place, reaching high temperatures in a short amount of time that give great sear marks on your steak or hamburger.

Other than that, there’s a lot of different conveniences here like accessories hooks, an indicator of the propane level in the tank, LED lights illuminating the inside of the grill after lifting the lid, thermometer on the lid or front door behind which you can also store accessories.

Of course it is a suggestion for those who don’t care that much about the price as one has to admit that it is kind of shocking compared to mid-tier models. For someone who wants to have a little fun when grilling and experiment a little, I think it will be a great choice. You also have to admit that it is pretty impressive visually, but does it really matter?

A downside that scares away from this model is frequently repeated stories of rust appearing, sadly I haven’t owned this model long enough to be able to refute those complaints.

I also don’t need to mention how efficient this grill is, because it can’t be any different at this kind of price. There are pretty much no worthy competitors on the market when it comes to luxury gas grills, because that’s what Weber Summit S-470 certainly is.

Gas Grills Buyers Guide & FAQ

What is a gas grill, anyway? It’s a versatile type of grill that stands out with four important characteristics – convenience, speed, control and cleanness.

At this moment, it is probably the most popular type of grill right behind the charcoal grill.

It has won over millions of people mostly thanks to its efficiency, simplicity, convenience and the results it gives. It can achieve very high temperatures, and from the moment of turning a burner knob, it only takes few minutes to be able to start cooking. It is no different when it comes to cleaning, all the properly thought-out systems make cleaning not difficult nor time-consuming, either.

Strong development of gas grills has made it difficult for many people to choose the right model. I have to admit that the price range at stores is very broad, which makes things even more complicated. That only confirms that buying a new gas grill is not so easy, especially for beginners. That’s why I have prepared this guide together with many valuable tips that you can see below.

Types of Gas Grills

There are two types, one of them uses propane as fuel whereas the other utilizes natural gas. Both types have their upsides and downsides that you can read about in my separate guide titled propane vs natural gas.

You also need to know that not all models are available in both versions. On top of that, if you buy something like a natural gas grill then you won’t be able to use propane and vice versa.

Propane Grills – Definitely more popular than the natural gas version. They are mostly characterized by freedom and mobility around the backyard, but they require replacing the tank with a new one when it runs out of propane. When it comes to smaller, mobile propane grills, it is possible to cook away from home, you just need a propane tank for that.

Learn more on the topic in my guide to the best propane grills.

Natural Gas Grills – Much less popular than the propane version, the main downside is the necessity to install a gas line. It is worth considering, though, if you think about grilling on a larger scale, as a natural gas line is usually more economical and convenient. The downside is that your grill has to stay in the spot where the natural gas line was installed.

Not all manufacturers offer their models in such version, which is why I have prepared a guide in which you can learn everything about the best natural gas grills.

Tips for buying a gas grill for beginner

Budget – First and foremost, start by defining the budget, which is how much you want to spend on a new grill. It will make choosing significantly easier for you as the price range for new gas grills is very broad. That’s also the reason why I decided to divide my suggestions into different price ranges.

Fuel – Next you should think about whether you want your grill to be powered with propane or natural gas. I can’t clearly say which is better, take a look above on the upsides and downsides of both types of fuel and make your own final choice.

Number of burners – If you’re considering a stationary gas grill then look for models that have at least two burners. Such number allows to grill using the 50/50 method where one zone is hot while the other remains cold. If you want even more configuration options for heat zones, I recommend three burners. A number bigger than that, on the other hand, mostly depends on how much you’re going to grill, for most people the best solution is three burners.

Type – You’re looking for a stationary grill, a versatile one or maybe a typical mobile one? Think about your needs carefully so that you can match the type of grill 100% not only to your cooking but also the lifestyle. There are typical massive stationary models, typical lightweight and portable ones for travelers or hybrids that work in both situations.

Capacity – First and foremost, think about for how many people you cook and how much. It is a mistake to buy a grill that is too small, just like it is a mistake to buy a grill that’s too big and burns much more fuel. If you have any doubts, look for a grill that offers at least 400-500 square inches of the main grilling area. It is the universal size that lives up to the expectation of a family of few. Take into account that you’re going to need a little more space when you utilize the 2 zone cooking method and when you often throw big parties.

Cooking style – If besides steaks or hamburgers you often cook a whole chicken or ribs then you definitely need to buy a grill with a large cooking area and at least three burners. Not many people realize that the right accessories make it possible to smoke meat on a gas grill.

Warranty – If you’re planning to buy an expensive gas grill then you should definitely check its warranty. It is unacceptable to spend a large amount and not be sure if the manufacturer will be responsible when a malfunction occurs shortly after the purchase. Currently, the best warranty is offered by the Weber manufacturer, who has dominated the grills market for many years now and delivers high quality products and offers great customer support.

Accessories & Features – If you like gadgets then you will certainly find something interesting, but I wish to point out that most of them are not worth it. All the gadgets and additional features mostly increase the convenience, having a small impact on the results of cooking. If money isn’t a problem then it’s okay but if you need to watch every cent then it’s a much better solution to buy a grill that has all the essentials.

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