My Top 6 Best BBQ Bar & Grill Restaurants

Each of us loves real BBQ, but we don’t always feel like, have time for or simply are capable of preparing them. In such case, there is only one thing left, going to a restaurant. Of course I do realize that plenty of them might give you bad memories, each of us has had some bad experience with those places. One has to admit, though, that there are places where food comes first, then food, atmosphere and finally the profit.

Thus, out of many BBQ bars or restaurants, only a handful of them stayed in my memory and I try to visit them when I get a chance. Get ready for having to pay a little more for the food in some of those places, but the food is 100% worth it.

Below I present a list of my favorite BBQ bars & restaurants. Of course that’s my objective evaluation, but after so many years of experience I know what to look for in food and I try to share my objective opinion.

When being there, it is not an option to leave disappointed or dissatisfied. I have always left this place knowing that I had eaten one of the best BBQ. Without a doubt, this place occupies a very high position even in global rankings. Personally, I really recommend the beef and pork ribs, which are phenomenal ( tender and with intense flavor ). On top of that, their menu also includes a wide selection of meats, not just beef or pork but also chicken, turkey and more. Eating there has left such a positive impression on me that I have been visiting it for many years now and I can recommend it to others with full awareness.

joes kansas city bar bbq

Another great place on the map of valuable BBQ restaurants. I have come across complaints about the poor interior, it may not be great but it doesn’t bother me as the most important thing to me is the food. If the way it looks is that the restaurant mostly focuses on the food and it comes out great then I can forgive the interior being less interesting or the service being average. When being there, I really recommend trying the spicy Korean pork and “kielbasa”. The meat is tender and aromatic, their sauces have grown on me, which I also recommend trying.


Another place on my list that I like to visit in the summer due to the large patio. I like their ribs, which have a great coating, and I also like the pork, which is always tender and juicy enough. They also deserve a credit for the intense smoke flavor of chicken wings and their tenderness. It is likely that it’s the wings that left the biggest impression on me when it comes to this place. Other upsides are the atmosphere, service and interior.

Memphis Central BBQ

Not a very big place but very atmospheric and most of all, with great BBQ. You can tell by the meat’s flavor that it was smoked using the most traditional methods. What I like the most at this place is the barbecue sandwich, and when it comes to the meat overall, it is first and foremost tender and, what is most important, juicy. Visually speaking, it is not the top tier, but that’s not what it is about. What matters is for the food to be the best possible and for the interior to be atmospheric, which is the case here ( at least that’s how me and my friends felt about it ).

allen son barbecue

Another pleasant place where you get to watch the food you ordered being prepared. It is interesting that this restaurant smokes their meat using only wood for that purpose. It’s a rare sight these days, the piles of wood can be seen right behind the restaurant. Of course, all of that has an impact on the results of smoking. The meat is incredibly tender and rich in smoky flavor, which is the way it should be – it is no surprise that so many people recommend this place.

skylight inn bbq

Deep Fork Grill – Closed

Deep Fork, a contemporary American wood grill and fish house, specializes in creative preparations of shockingly fresh fish. Not strictly seafood, they also feature excellent steaks and vegetarian options. Chef features nightly specials that dazzle. General Manager sets a welcoming tone for Deep Fork Grill with impeccable service and a nationally recognized wine list.

deep fork grill

Dining experience is perfect for sharing - host your private events, celebrations and meetings of all sizes! Whether you are looking for an intimate, curtained booth for two or lots of space for a large celebration, they can exceed your expectations.

I am perfectly aware that there is even more of wonderful restaurants where you can have delicious BBQ. The above list features the places I had a chance to visit personally. If you are nearby any of those establishments, then I really recommend visiting and seeing for yourself.

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